Scott Boudin Festival
Scott Boudin Festival
Sts Peter and Paul Ccatholic Church
The Coffee Depot
Paul Begnaud, Pie Day. Family tradition.
Floyd Sonnier Gallery
Scott Historical and Genealogical Society
Begnaud House, Friday Night Jamming on the Porch
Gallery Acadie
Cajun Art Capital of Louisiana Dedication
Scott Business Association Mardi Gras Flag Raising
Christmas in Scott
Scott Jumelage, Twinning
Promoting Scott Boudin Festival
Sour Dough pies for Pie Day
Honoring Cajun Country Legon DL Menard at the Begnaud House
Outside Bourgue's Bar
People from all around enjoying Pie Day
Who We Are
Cultural Events:

  • Scott Business Assoc. Mardi Gras Parade

  • Pie Day
    (Good Friday,   At the Old Bank of
    Scott, Paul's place)

  • Scott Boudin Festival    
​    WebsiteFacebook

  • Beau Cajun Gallery, Floyd Sonnier Gallery
​    Stop by to visit Floyd's work

  • Jammin On The Porch
    Le Maison de Begnaud
    Most Friday Nights: 6 P.M. - Until

  • Shop Local Artists 
  • Christmas in Scott 

Other Cultural Sites:
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Scott Business Association Mardi Gras Parade, 2017.
Pie Day, At The Old Bank of Scott. 2017
2017 Scott Boudin Festival
Scott Farmers Market, May 13, 2017
Some Cultural District Photos